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Step into Rutherford Manor, home of the ruthless Flesher’s and cunning Savidge’s. Based on the multi-award-winning Rutherford Manor Haunt, the story of the Flesher Clan and the events that take place in this infamous place of darkness are not for the light of heart. Discover our story and shiver in the legend that is, Rutherford Manor!

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Rutherford Manor - The White Hand

The White Hand

Based on the award-winning Haunted House and forthcoming television series, The White Hand brings you into a historical thriller combining mobsters, forbidden love, old souls, murder, and betrayal. Join the Fleshers and the Savidges as they plummet into an era-altering series of events that will change Rutherford Manor forever.

A Taste Of Madness - Daniel Martin

A Taste of Madness

Rocker and Composer Daniel Martin brings you into the dark world of the Flesher Clan in this collection of hard rock songs and theatrical compositions. Haunting melodies that will pierce the depths of your imagination.

Feel the torment and delight of the Rutherford Manor world!

Rutherford Manor Comic Books

Comic Books

The Rutherford Manor Universe is wonderful, dark and hauntingly beautiful. Comic Book and Graphic Artists from around the globe have brought the some of the Rutherford Manor stories to life in a visually stunning collection of comics. Follow the Rutherford Manor clan in the continuing adventures into the dark.

Rutherford Manor Artwork

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Show off that you too are part of the infamous Flesher Clan with our Official Rutherford Manor Clothing. Cool designs and high quality clothing!

A Unique and Truly Terrifying Horror Experience

“The White Hand is a superb work of dramatic fiction with a grisly overtone
that will please historical, horror and thriller fans alike.”
K.C. Finn – Readers Favorite


This story of the Flesher Clan and its insane members, is much more interesting
than the clunkers that come out month after month in terms of horror movies.
Christian Darchez – Dioses Del Metal


A Taste of Madness truly is an epic album which reflects
the dark soul of Rutherford Manor at its finest!
Sandra Szatkowski – Germany

Official Selection Action on Film Megafest
Hollywood Dreams Official Selection
The White Hand : A Rutherford Manor Novel - READERS FAVORITE 5 STARS