Rutherford Manor - The White Hand - Konn Lavery

“The White Hand is a superb work of dramatic fiction with a grisly overtone
that will please historical, horror and thriller fans alike.”

K.C. Finn – Readers Favorite

The White Hand

A new Rutherford Manor novel by renowned horror author; Konn Lavery!

Based on the award-winning Haunted House and forthcoming television series, The White Hand brings you into a historical thriller combining mobsters, forbidden love, old souls, murder, and betrayal.

Rutherford Manor – a safe haven for some. For others, a home that holds many sinister secrets. Run by the Fleshers and the Savidges, these two families have survived for generations leading up to the present day of 1890. Headmaster Alastor Flesher and his business partner, Spalding Savidge, find themselves in desperate times to provide for their families.

Their needs wrap them into a deal with the Irish mob – The White Hand. The two men willingly work with the gang as resurrectionists, obtaining bodies for anatomists. Alastor and Spalding develop a unique process, gaining access to the most well-preserved bodies. Their product becomes desirable throughout the black market in Illinois.

Despite the handsome pay, Spalding is left in disarray. Alastor’s desperation for income runs deeper than he ever knew. His moral compass is shattered due to their snatching methods. Spalding plays with fire, developing something known as love for Irene, the daughter of The White Hand’s boss. With a dash of foul play and new allies, Spalding becomes the glue that holds Rutherford Manor together, and he is coming unbound.

Join the Fleshers and the Savidges as they plummet into an era-altering series of events that will change Rutherford Manor forever.



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Reader Reviews


A compelling tale of Humanity and Horror!

The White Hand is a great introduction to the universe of the Flesher and Savidge clans and the other denizens of Rutherford Manor.

For generations, the Flesher’s and the Savidge’s had been societal outcasts due to their reclusiveness and half hinted at dark obsessions. The novel “The White Hand” peels back the shroud and tells the tales of the last members of the two families as they strive to succeed in a world that seems to distrust and revile them, often resorting to unsavoury means to put food on the table and money in their pockets. Switching between first and third person narratives along with a healthy dose of internal monologues a complex, disturbing tale is told that draws you in from the first words and refuses to release you from their grip until the very last act. An immersive story that hints at far greater thrills to come.

“The White Hand” is A must-read for anyone who loves anything in the fantasy, horror, history, mystery or the supernatural genres.

Paul Watson

One of the best books I’ve read in years!

Such an amazing book! I found myself getting lost in the story like I was right there with the characters experiencing what they seen and felt. Dark and sensual. Macabre and soulful. It’s everything you need in a thriller novel and more!

Selina Hoffart

Do yourself a favour and read!

The White hand is an excellent read from cover to cover! An exciting look into the mindset of such a dark family. Well done!

Matt Mihilewicz

Read this in two sittings. Great read, lays out the foundations for the characters and story. By the time I got to the end, I was completely engrossed in the world of the Flesher’s and Savidge’s world. Can’t wait for the next book to see what happens next.

Jimmy Hill

I full on just spent 3 hours in the tub so I could read this (almost) uninterrupted and now I’m going to stay up to read it again.
This book is amazing and I love it and I need a sequel.

If ya’ll haven’t read his books yet, get to it!
Elyse Dussault