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Goodbye Janet
Rutherford Manor
Supplemental Narrative

Irene Connolly is the latest compelling character in the expansive Rutherford Manor Universe. She is a strong, beautiful, and deadly woman with a tragic past. In The White Hand she is the only woman to woo the dashing Spalding Savidge in a way no other woman could. Discover how childhood tragedy can happen in mere moments and change a life forever!

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Rutherford Manor - Billy The Butcher - Computer Background

Billy the Butcher Background

The infamous Billy the Butcher doing his very best to creep the living hell out of everyone!  We think he does a pretty damn good job!   

Photo:  Photo Junkies   Model: Ken Davies

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Rutherford Manor - Father Lorcan Connolly - Computer Background

Father Lorcan Connolly Background

This warrior from God has got a bone to pick with the residents of Rutherford Manor but all is not well with this man. He has a dark secret that leads to deadly consequences!  

Photo:  Sean Gordon   Model: Neil Chase

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Rutherford Manor - Louise Savidge - Computer Background

Louise Savidge Background

The very deadly daughter of Spalding Savidge, we pity anyone who crosses this girl on a good day!  If she has her sights set on you, it’s simply over!

Photo:  Sean Gordon  Model: Lindsay Christopher

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Rutherford Manor - Nox Flesher - Computer Background

Nox Flesher Background

The very deadly patriarch of the Flesher clan. It is not known exactly what happens in the basement of Rutherford Manor but it is said; many enter, none return. 

Photo:  Photo Junkies   Model: Hugh Flesher

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